Paintings from Around The World

28th November - 3rd December 2017
Box Galleries, 402 Kings Road, London, SW10 0LJ

In January 2017, Alice set out on a journey across Africa, Asia, South and Central America. She deliberately chose seven countries that contrasted starkly with the British and European landscapes she has become known for, and with each other. The paintings in this exhibition convey a sense of the places and people she encountered on this journey. Since returning to London, Alice has spent many hours in the studio. Drawing on the works created from life, she has produced a series of larger paintings which are at the heart of this, her second solo exhibition.

Please contact Alice if you would like a price list or to arrange a viewing at her London studio. Fully illustrated catalogues available on request. All paintings are for sale prior to the exhibition. 

With thanks to Plan South America for sponsoring the exhibition.